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Course Material Design and Accessibility

Image credit: Pixabay

This page focuses on resources for creating and curating content in your course as well as suggestions for making your course content more accessible. In practice, accessibility and the design of materials go hand-in-hand to ensure we build-in the widest access for users.

These resources do not constitute legal advice, and I strongly recommend investigating resources on your campus to help you design accessible courses (instructional design teams, centers for teaching and learning, or accessibility offices are an ideal place to start looking). The materials provided below are merely a starting point for faculty who may not have adequate support or guidance at their institution.

The suggestions provided here will not ensure your course is compliant with ADA and other requirements–the learning management system, other campus computing systems and software, and any supplemental software or tools you choose to add to a course, for example, also need to be accessible. These resources focus only on basic steps faculty can take in their individual courses to make materials more accessible. My goal is simply to educate and attempt to move the needle towards greater accessibility.